Welcome to Wander the Wonders with Us.  This is our Blog.  Sounds simple enough,  I think you will enjoy looking at the world through our eyes, at least that is our hope. Who are we,  well we are Omar Almodovar and Kristina Pulido Almodovar,  yes,  we are a married couple who are passionate about each other and travel.  So much so that after years in the travel industry we have opened our own travel agency, Wonders of the World Travel, LLC.  What does this mean for you as the reader?  This means you have the benefit of a dual perspective,  that of the traveler and that of the aficionado.  Yes we don’t just plan travel,  we learn travel in order to provide the best possible vacation experience to our guests.  We also have a 3rd perspective and that would be the value of the experiences that our many guests share with us.  This is all information that we can and will impart on you the reader.  So please,  grab your laptop, tablet, or phone, and enjoy  your time as you Wander the Wonders with Us.