Who is Omar?

His name has many meaning but this is a quick glimpse as to what lead Omar down his current path – and the journey he hopes to embark with YOU!

So how does this work?  No idea, first time. Hmmmmm…  interesting to say that, or should I say type that.  Well this is a blog.  What is a blog? I say it’s a written account of ones experiences.  So my first blog post could be about so many things.  So many experiences I have been blessed to have,  but what does it all matter if you don’t know the person writing.  Well, here we go….

My name is Omar….  I’m a native New Yorker,  and yes before all else I recognize myself as a New Yorker first.  You know the Big Apple,  the city that never sleeps. That is where my foundation was built.  I was raised by my grandmother, grandfather and aunt.  Not your typical upbringing but it did just fine for me.  I grew up in a lower class household but you could never tell me that,  I never wanted for anything,  credit due to a grandmother who made miracles out of nothing including making sure I was into all types of sports and the Boy Scouts. So fast forward I am now living in Miami with my mother and father to start my final year of high school,  nothing bad transpired,  I just wanted to know what life would be like living with my parents.  I went through a bit of a rebellious phase,  my poor parents were possibly not equipped for this considering they hadn’t had the everyday parenting opportunities from the early years and we were all just trying to get to know each other.  With all that being said,  it went well,  we grew close and life wasn’t so bad.  I went to college,  during which time I met a girl who became the mother to my one and only son Joshua.  Great kid about to graduate high school,  wow, crazy.  Fast forward again,  I am working for Carnival Cruise Lines as a Personal Vacation Planner.  The money was great and this is where the travel bug really got me.  I mean really got me,  I would rather be poor and travel than be rich and stuck in one place.  To me the wealth is in the experience and the experience is in the learning and the learning is in the culture and the culture is in the people.  Travel makes me happy.  I can look at a beach and appreciate the sand,  I can see a sunset and marvel at the horizon.  The wonders of the world are all around us,  we just have to take the time to look.

Carnival Cruise Lines is where I met my future wife (or current wife depending on the context)  She has easily been the love of my life and we share a common passion….. travel, we love to travel.  We would live out of a suitcase (her a few more than myself) but travel is our key.  To the point that years later she and I have taken on the adventure of becoming business owners and opening our own travel agency.  Wonders of the World Travel, LLC  a title that seemed more than fitting for us.  So  here we are…. just a minor synopsis of myself…  my hope is that as I write you will get to know me.  I want you all to get to know me.  I want to be an open book, but more importantly I hope my insight provides a glimpse into a world that not all are lucky enough to have.  Sounds weird to write that,  but I truly am blessed with a wonderful life that is heavy in travel.  Whether it’s my own travel or helping others eat up their own,  allow me to be your guide to the world,  but know that this guide is a bit different in the sense that my perspective comes not only from my own adventures but from those of my guests.   Let’s create a travel experience blog from many different views told by yours truly.  I promise to be as open and honest as I can,  but know that I will say both good and bad,  I don’t shy away from the negative.  I feel we can all learn from the bad just as well.  Ok, so here we go.  Enjoy the ride.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or suggestions,  and thank you for opening your eyes to all of The Wonders of the World around us.  See ya around…..

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