5 Simple Solutions to Packing Cosmetics!

Five ways to solve the dread of worrying if your favorite cosmetics need to be left or can still fit and arrive safely to your location!

How to make the chore of packing cosmetics a Breeze. 

I use to dread having to pack my toiletries because it was always the same situation – me taking forever how to condense the products I most wanted to use on vacation and the staples I could not imagine having with me.  If you are a makeup junkie like me, then you can relate to opening all your drawers of makeup and that quick Ulta/Sephora run of goodies sitting before you while wondering how you are going to pick how to pack everything!?  The conflict was always the same how do I condense my liquids, gels, and makeup within my carry-on luggage.  See, I have packed my expensive makeup and cosmetics before to both national and international locations and either something gets broken, stolen, or sometimes both by some air security agent.  I can be so sure as to assume as such, because every bag I check is well locked.

Therefore,  I learned that if I want my precious cosmetics to arrive in the same condition as they were when I packed them I must follow a couple of steps.  Now, before I begin addressing the steps I take to pack my cosmetics. Please know that I am not being endorsed by any of the companies of the products mentioned.  I have purchased these products with my own money. It is after tried and true travel, that I find them to be the perfect fit for me! I reference my willingness to purchase the products again and again, because I want you the reader, to know I ONLY Endorse products I truly believe have worthiness in their aim.

Most ladies take all their makeup, cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, and don’t think to place them in smaller containers.  For fear of seeming like a hoarder, here is a small window into my collection and why the struggle to decide what to bring is so real!

As you can imagine I could not bring all of this as it would take up a great deal of space and weight too! In order to address this issue I spent time and money utilizing different products to see what could condense my products and be used for more than just one travel trip, as durability matters a lot to me!

First Solution : A clear durable TSA compliant zip-up tote.

I love this little bag it is so awesome. Easy to put in a purse, tote, backpack, whatever carry-on and keeps every TSA official around the world happy you are following their guidelines.  It seems to fit more than the conventional quart sized bag except it is the same size. Maybe because of its elasticity and durable zipper that allows one to place more, yet still remain secured.

Second Solution: Travalo Classic Refillable Perfume/Cologne Atomizer 


This is something that I purchase in plenty. I like to have many different perfumes, just as I do looks. This is why I love this invention because it easily allows me to bring at least 2 scents during my travels, not to mention what I might buy during my travels.

Third Solution : A Sturdy Makeup Brush Case That Will Keep Brushes Clean and Separated from Each One’s Individual Use.

Depending on the length of the travel I will bring either my brush cup that connects and serves as a means to separate my face brushes from my eyes.  Otherwise, if I know the travel will be for several weeks and require many occasions to dress my face, I will bring my zipper brush folio case. Either way it allows me to keep all items sanitary and travel friendly.

Fourth Solution: A CLEAR, Organized, Simple Way to Keep Makeup Manageable and Not Lost – The Beauty Butler.

What is the The Beauty Butler?! Oh my goodness I came across it by mistake one night. I was thinking of ways make my makeup travel easier because I had just returned from a trip and realized how much space I lost in my luggage, the ease with which items of mine were suddenly missing, and surprised at the number of items broken.  I loved the colors of the velcro palettes and when I realized the endless possibilities – I was sold! I was able to purchase a good amount of palettes that came with so many different “Grab Tabs” of all sizes and on top of it all it came with a CLEAR huge makeup bag! I can fit 4 full palettes, 3 good-sized conventional makeup palettes, and my beauty blender breathable bag filled with different sized beauty blenders! It is my dream come true for traveling with a great amount of cosmetics.

Fifth Solution: Enjoy Some Purchases.

I always put aside some money to purchase local cosmetics from wherever I am traveling. I know what you are thinking where is the face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair gel, hairspray, or that must have shampoo and conditioner. It is either in smaller containers in the TSA compliant bag or purchased on arrival. I sometimes bring just enough shampoo and conditioner for 2-3 days because I want to be prompted to try a local brand.  I find that it really works in my favor because I spend less money on baggage fees and get to try something unique.

I also do research in advance and see what cosmetic stores and pharmacies are within walking distance of my stay.  I then make a point to see if rewards, discounts, outlets of the same stores, or if coupons can be applied.  It is like a treasure hunt for a girl like me, where at the end of my quest I always find myself surprised by a new product that I can try to test.  For the return ride home, I just make sure to package it super well, not purchase too much (for weight purposes), and wrap them in clean socks within shoes. So far, nothing has gone missing and I end up with a new product that I either adore, or am happy to realize it not worth the hype when it finally does make it way to the states.


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