Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Do I STAY or Do I GO? What should one do during a hurricane. An article that discusses the thought of packing and leaving for travel or sticking it out and weathering the storm and aftermath.

  So when was the last time you felt truly powerless?  The last time you felt you had no control?  Well that was the feeling I had preparing for Hurricane Matthew.  Now as a Florida Resident, this is all too commonplace, but that is one of the few drawbacks about living in the Sunshine State.  You’ve heard the names, Andrew, Katrina, Wilma, Charlie, Sandy, Matthew etc.  Mother Nature is not to be taken lightly.  So what options does one have?  Preparation and then The Choice.  Do I stay or do I go? Well this was a Category 3 / 4.  So we chose to stay and prep our home.  

What does prep our home mean?


It means removing items from the porch or patio that might become airborne projectiles.  It means stocking up on certain essentials, water, ice, canned goods, charcoal or propane, batteries, etc.  Then you wait. And you watch the news tell you what to expect. And you watch knowing you don’t have 100% faith in what you are being told because Mother Nature can change on the drop of a dime and a forecast becomes a lie as the weather does as it pleases.  We follow trends, not facts when forecasting.  It’s a humbling experience which really does place things into perspective.  In the grand scheme we are so fragile.  Now not to sound too morose, I do try to look at the brighter side of things, I say we should all turn it into a hurricane party and enjoy!  Buy some drinks and great food, watch some great movies and why not enjoy.  

 Well I might also say this is a great time to travel!!! Sounds odd doesn’t it.  Well I remember living in Miami when Katrina skirted by.  Most remember only the damage done to New Orleans and of course rightfully so, but she did pass close enough to South Florida to wreak quite a bit of havoc.  I recall the wind and rains, and then there went the power. So the next day, as I sat in a 4 hour line to get gas for the car I said we are getting out of here.  I looked to Kristina and said we are jumping on a cruise.  We jumped on a 3 day Carnival Cruise on the Carnival Imagination.


My thought process was that the ship had power and no need to worry about gas and the like.  Oh and the ship had air conditioning, try Miami most of the year without a working ac unit and you will understand the need to get out.  Some thought we were crazy!  There’s a hurricane out there!  Well understand that today’s cruise ships are in constant communication with the National Weather Center and have state of the art surveillance equipment.  Suffice it to say they know what’s out there and trust me, its bad business to place a ship full of paying guests in harm’s way.  Amazingly enough it was one of the most serene cruises ever.  We watched the news aboard the ship as Katrina demolished New Orleans.


I remember the saddest part was meeting a gentleman who was actually vacationing from New Orleans.  It was tough to watch a grown man cry as he watched the news knowing his home might not be there when he returned home.  For my wife and I and several friends we were simply getting away from the results of her minor damage and our inconvenience.

I will say though, the cruise was wonderful. Nassau, Bahamas never seemed so beautiful. Strange how while one place can seem so tragic another can seem so wonderful at the same time. I guess my point here is don’t be afraid to cruise at any time of the year. I always say when it comes to a storm, I would rather be on a cruise in any type of storm, why? Because a ship can move although my home can’t. I’ll go with the one that can move out-of-the-way.

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