A Guy’s Perspective to Cruising

I try not to act as if I am an expert on too many things, simply because while I am well-versed and knowledgeable, I still feel as though there is always more to learn. Nonetheless,  42 cruises later, I feel like I might be reaching that expert status if I haven’t done so already. So after time you get to know what one’s cruising tendencies are, what you like and don’t, but make no mistake about it, I am aware that what I enjoy may not be for everyone.  Still, I do realize that when it comes to cruising guys and ladies do have
subtle preferences which always seem to manifest themselves. Thus, I figure I will give You A Guy’s Perspective to Cruising.

Day one on any cruise. I keep it simple, let’s face it, we are not the ones with the
need for the makeup so I can always get away with one piece of luggage. No problem,
but I really feel like part of the reason (other than I don’t need much) is that I know I will
be helping my wife with her bags and that part is usually not fun. So why make it worse,
I know what I can get by with, so I forgo some things just to keep my packing light since
most of my efforts will go to carrying hers (chivalry is not dead).  I tend to get to
port early because let’s face it, we don’t like to wait. The earlier one gets aboard, it is as if just those few moments the ship is ours, serene, and intimate, and I like that. First, is the Mandatory stop at the lobby bar, by simple virtue of the fact that I’m a guy and I should have a drink in my hand, duh.  Next, we drop off those carry-on bags, I know they will sometimes say rooms are not available until blank. That’s cute, and the closed doors saying come back at 1pm. Those are cute too. I walk right in and look for my room, and when I find it, clean or not I will locate my cabin steward. I let he/she know I’m dropping bags in my room and leave a tip. A tip, a substantial tip at that, not a petty one.
These people work arduous hours and give all they can to make your vacation memorable therefore you should not be afraid to show your appreciation with a few dollars.  Trust me when I say a couple of bucks goes farther for them in most cases then it will for you. Afterwards,  I do my obligatory ship tour. I like to get to know my surroundings, so I will walk around the ship a bit before I eat. Upon arriving to the Lido deck, or main eatery buffet equivalent on other ships, I quickly survey the options, and  grab a bit of everything. I like to have options when I eat.
Let’s face it, this is supposed to be a guy’s perspective, so you’ll find that I
reference the food and drink quite a bit, because well, that’s what the majority of us do. However, for those guys who are not big drinkers, that’s fine, there are great many non-alcoholic options, so enjoy your cup of blank. I have found that food on ships is better than on land in one main sense, variety. It’s not to say you can find the same variety on land, of course you can, but not in as condensed a radius as you would on a cruise ship. I mean it’s all there, including dessert.
Lunch is never an issue but where to hang out?  Answer: Someplace the Mrs. is comfortable, but where I can also relax too! Usually our compromise is somewhere by the pool. I like to get to know a bartender or two who I will be searching for refills during my trip. Get in the water? Sometimes to cool down. Except, that is really not my idea of relaxation and after all that is the intent behind a vacation, or is it not?  My idea of relaxation is to kick back and have nothing to do or even just catch up on lost sleep in our cabin.  So let me. The Mrs. will be enjoying the sun, me, I’m not big on laying out for a tan, I’m just glad to be cruising.
As the day goes on, I know that after the Muster drill the wife will shortly be going
to get ready for dinner. I don’t need more than 20 minutes to get ready, so when she
goes I generally look for the sports bar. I mean sports and a good beer usually keep me
fulfilled therefore why not?  Not to mention I always find a few guys doing the same, it’s like a secret frat house, but not so secret. After an hour or so, I go get dressed for dinner,
now I am not a suit and tie guy, still I do like to look nicer for dinner, so usually slacks or
nice jeans and a dress shirt do the trick. Oh and dinner, please guys, you paid for the
cruise, enjoy your dinner. Don’t be afraid to indulge, ask for more than one of whatever
you are having in the fee free dining areas of any ship. After dinner, well this is usually
a question point. What to do? All ships have various shows available, so visit them. I’m
a sucker for any comedy show and I love piano bars. I’m so so on the Broadway/
Vegas style shows, but my wife loves them.  Thus, I’m usually in for a show here and there.
I like to use the ships newsletters to keep track of what to do and where to go. I am not
a big late night eater, but something about room service always gets me. Sorry, it’s my
Then on any next day it is all about what to do in a port. I love port days, but have a
plan. I don’t mean plan every second, but please decide beforehand. Shore excursion
or just wing it.  A simple decision will save time and money hence why you should make it before the cruise, it helps. I love to explore, it’s my thing and I love to sit back with a drink in hand and observe. Be sure to follow what your heart desires. Yet, if you have been to the port before or it’s not of huge interest the ship will be pretty empty. I suggest you – Take Advantage. Better spa deals, a quiet tranquil ship, is now completely yours to roam and finally find a deck chair in the perfect atmosphere. I love it. This is the rinse and repeat section. A port day only differs by the port, so just make sure to simply enjoy. A vacation should not be a stressful time, but instead a time to relax, indulge, bond, and rejuvenate.
Sea days can be a bit trickier in the sense that it’s a full day of relaxation. That can
sometimes lead to trouble. Pace the drinks. There are a lot of hours in a day, don’t
overdo it early. Enjoy pool time and spa time or whatever makes your day enjoyable.
I like to hang out with the Mrs. in a nice outdoor lounge area when possible. Otherwise
I don’t mind tanning and hitting a pool and slides. Why not? I’m having fun. Now the
reality for me is that I love to cruise, no question, I just like to have an idea about what I
am doing throughout the day, not a plan, just an idea. Are we gonna lounge poolside, attend the art auction, workout in the gym, or chill out in our balcony and finally finish a novel.  My wife loves to cruise so it works out well for us. I mean when I am on a cruise I am already looking towards booking the next one, something we also accomplish on sea days. Booking a cruise, while aboard your current cruise has many rewards, from less expensive/exclusive fares, on board credits, and even upgrades.
Whenever your last day arrives remember to have packed and let out your
luggage the night before. Let the porters take your bags. However, always keep with you basic essentials for the evening and most prized valuables! Oh and you don’t have to be first off the ship, unless of course you have a flight to catch. Instead, go and eat breakfast and take your time. It makes debarkation so much easier when 80% of the ship is off. Then casually stroll down to the main exit and safely head home. The bottom line, cruising for guys is simply cruising. Follow your needs and please indulge. Again you paid for the vacation, try to get every dollars’ worth out of it.

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