Where to shop in Orlando? Answer: NOT the Outlets.

I have lived in Orlando, Florida for about nine years and because I have an overwhelming number of family members who live either in South America or overseas I often get asked after the theme parks, what is the Best Place to go shopping?  Immediately, many would say Go to the Prime Outlets! But I completely disagree.

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Do I Really Need To Purchase Vacation Insurance?

I will be honest BEFORE I started to work in the travel industry over 15 years ago, the answer to the question of purchasing vacation insurance was an absolute NO! I would travel and say to myself. “What is meant to be will be, right?!” However, in 2004 I remember my mother was finally cleared for travel despite her terminal cancer diagnosis, so the term “dead or alive, we are going!” that was our aim. I mean after all I worked for Carnival, and therefore I assumed even though I didn’t take the trip insurance I would be fine right? Continue reading “Do I Really Need To Purchase Vacation Insurance?”

The BEST Coastal Vacation Spot?

Miami + Paris = BARCELONA!

People always inquire about my trips and ask what of all the places I have visited has the best beaches and best coastal city life.  Time and time again, the answer is Barcelona. I have been supremely fortunate enough to have visited amazing beaches all around the world.  I have been to every island in the Caribbean be it the Leeward or Windward Islands.  Luckily, thanks to fortunate opportunities with my profession, I have ventured to beaches along the northeast coast of the states including the beaches in East Hampton, Ocean City – Maryland and then across the ocean, to places like Monaco, Cannes, Sorrento, and my favorite Barcelona! Barcelona was a dream when we visited.

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A Paris Perspective

Perspective – by definition is the state of one’s ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship. This is my Perspective on the 3 best places in Paris to gain a clear Perspective of the city at its finest!

“We dont see things the way they are. We see them the way We Are.

– Talmud

Everyone who has visited Paris has a plethora of opinions and ideas about the best places to visit. And if you are a first time guest to the city, or you are a well-spoken French historian of the city, each of you will have your concept of what the prime places are to see in Paris. This is not a blog about any of those locations.  My attempt is to get you to do something too few of us do any more – Enjoy the View and Gain Perspective .  Now perspective of a view is both unique and personal. Not all of you will find it like I do within the cobblestone streets of Montmartre during the golden hour. It’s those streets at that time that tell different stories about the locals and tourists around; and for me the bench in the corner is not only enjoyable moment to relax, but a window into the perspective of Parisian life.

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5 Simple Solutions to Packing Cosmetics!

Five ways to solve the dread of worrying if your favorite cosmetics need to be left or can still fit and arrive safely to your location!

How to make the chore of packing cosmetics a Breeze. 

I use to dread having to pack my toiletries because it was always the same situation – me taking forever how to condense the products I most wanted to use on vacation and the staples I could not imagine having with me.  If you are a makeup junkie like me, then you can relate to opening all your drawers of makeup and that quick Ulta/Sephora run of goodies sitting before you while wondering how you are going to pick how to pack everything!?  The conflict was always the same how do I condense my liquids, gels, and makeup within my carry-on luggage.  See, I have packed my expensive makeup and cosmetics before to both national and international locations and either something gets broken, stolen, or sometimes both by some air security agent.  I can be so sure as to assume as such, because every bag I check is well locked.

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Who is Kristina?

A quick glimpse into the evolution of the Who, What, & Why Kristina is and remains to become.

A blog – well if you knew me just 5 years ago you would be amazed that I even read one let alone had created one of my own.  I have evolved from an individual who much like Kennear’s role as Frank Navasky in “You’ve Got Mail” believed the written word was just that and only that, Written. I still love the sound of a typewriter, but evermore am I enamored with the smell and touch of the written word.  I used to dream as a young girl that maybe one day I would write something noteworthy enough to be printed and collected for others to treasure as I do of articles, books, magazines, and journals. Therefore, writing a blog is very foreign to me. So, while I have my trepidations about this adventure I am hopeful that my words and who I am will inspire or at minimum provoke a contradiction and ensue an elegant conversation with a reader. Continue reading “Who is Kristina?”