NYC – My Winter Wonderland

My Winter Wonderland

     What can I say…. Winter is winter….  The cold air,  the snow, the slush, the ice, the salted streets, the bitter cold air and more cold air.  It is not always the most comfortable for those who live in Winter stricken areas.  However for me, I don’t,  I live in Orlando, Florida. In Orlando, we have Winter for about 2 weeks a year.  Not kidding.  Now although I am originally from New York and I feel like I have paid my cold weather dues, I do still long for the cold weather from time to time.  So what do the Mrs. and I do?  We travel back to my hometown of Manhattan, New York to enjoy the icy city.  I love it.  I truly do,  but in a large part because I know that I get to leave when I am over it leaving friends and family to suffer through it.

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A Guy’s Perspective to Cruising

I try not to act as if I am an expert on too many things, simply because while I am well-versed and knowledgeable, I still feel as though there is always more to learn. Nonetheless,  42 cruises later, I feel like I might be reaching that expert status if I haven’t done so already. So after time you get to know what one’s cruising tendencies are, what you like and don’t, but make no mistake about it, I am aware that what I enjoy may not be for everyone.  Still, I do realize that when it comes to cruising guys and ladies do have
subtle preferences which always seem to manifest themselves. Thus, I figure I will give You A Guy’s Perspective to Cruising.

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Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Do I STAY or Do I GO? What should one do during a hurricane. An article that discusses the thought of packing and leaving for travel or sticking it out and weathering the storm and aftermath.

  So when was the last time you felt truly powerless?  The last time you felt you had no control?  Well that was the feeling I had preparing for Hurricane Matthew.  Now as a Florida Resident, this is all too commonplace, but that is one of the few drawbacks about living in the Sunshine State.  You’ve heard the names, Andrew, Katrina, Wilma, Charlie, Sandy, Matthew etc.  Mother Nature is not to be taken lightly.  So what options does one have?  Preparation and then The Choice.  Do I stay or do I go? Well this was a Category 3 / 4.  So we chose to stay and prep our home.  

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Who is Omar?

His name has many meaning but this is a quick glimpse as to what lead Omar down his current path – and the journey he hopes to embark with YOU!

So how does this work?  No idea, first time. Hmmmmm…  interesting to say that, or should I say type that.  Well this is a blog.  What is a blog? I say it’s a written account of ones experiences.  So my first blog post could be about so many things.  So many experiences I have been blessed to have,  but what does it all matter if you don’t know the person writing.  Well, here we go….

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